Active Rehabilitation: Kinesiology

Our Active Rehabilitation Program is designed to support clients in achieving optimal recovery from various injuries, including those resulting from motor vehicle accidents.

Our Active Rehab encompasses injury-specific exercises focusing on strength, mobility, cardiovascular health, and functional movements. The program is conducted in a one-on-one setting with a registered Kinesiologist. It includes frequent assessments and progress reports to track your improvement.

We offer private active rehab sessions for individuals seeking to increase their physical activity levels under professional guidance. Our dedicated Kinesiologist will tailor a plan to suit your specific needs, overseeing your workouts to ensure correct alignment and execution, ultimately optimizing your results.

What Does Active Rehab Help?

Active rehab helps individuals recover from injuries, illnesses, or surgeries. It involves a combination of exercise, stretching, and other techniques to improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury, a car accident, or a chronic condition, active rehab can effectively reduce pain, improve function, and enhance your overall quality of life. With the help of our trained and experienced active rehab therapist, you can develop a customized rehab plan that meets your specific needs and goals. So, if you’re looking to get back on your feet and regain your independence, active rehab may be just what you need.

The Benefit of Active Rehab

Surrey Active Rehab Service

Strengthening your muscles and improving your overall body function can significantly reduce pain and discomfort. Regular physical activity and exercise can enhance your body’s ability to support itself and maintain proper alignment, alleviating the stress and tension that often contribute to discomfort.

Over time, as your muscles become stronger and more resilient, you may find that your pain levels decrease, allowing you to enjoy a more active and fulfilling life.

ICBC Active Rehab

You may benefit from active rehabilitation if you have experienced a car accident. This approach can help with sprains, strains, post-concussive symptoms, preparation for or post-surgery recovery, joint conditions like arthritis, and injuries from motor vehicle accidents. The primary goal of our active rehab is to help you improve your strength, mobility, and overall functionality, enabling you to return to the activities you enjoy.

ICBC Coverage For MVA Includes

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Who Is Active Rehab For?

Our Active Rehab program is explicitly designed for Fraser Valley and GVA residents looking for ways to recover from sports injuries or car collisions. This type of rehab involves moving your body to promote pain relief and recovery, focusing on your unique situation and needs.

Our Active rehab can be helpful for various issues, such as sprains or strains, post-concussive symptoms, joint conditions like arthritis, and injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Its ultimate goal is to improve your function, strength, and mobility and to help you get back to the activities you love doing.

Our Promise For Active Rehab Service

At the Compassion Centre: Wellness, Physio & Rehab, we aim to deliver exceptional, personalized care with compassion. We strive to exceed our patients’ expectations of what a multidisciplinary clinic should be.

Our patients’ well-being is our topmost priority, and we feel privileged to assist them in their recovery journey. We work diligently to ensure all their needs are met with the utmost attention and care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Active rehab and kinesiology are related but not the same. Our active rehab program is structured to improve physical function after an injury or illness. It may include exercises, stretches, and other therapies. On the other hand, kinesiology is the study of human movement and exercise science. Kinesiologists often play a role in active rehab programs by designing and overseeing exercise plans.

Our Active rehabilitation therapy is a structured program focused on improving physical function and mobility after an injury, surgery, or illness. It often involves exercises, stretches, manual therapy, and education to help individuals regain strength, flexibility, and overall functional abilities. The goal is to optimize recovery and restore independence in daily activities.

The benefits of active rehab include the following:

  • Improved strength, flexibility, and mobility.
  • Reduced pain and discomfort.
  • Faster recovery and return to normal activities.
  • Enhanced coordination and balance.
  • Prevention of future injuries.
  • Increased confidence and quality of life.
Active training therapy in rehabilitation refers to exercise-based interventions designed to improve physical function, mobility, and overall health. This approach involves the individual’s active participation in performing exercises and activities tailored to their specific needs and goals. Active training therapy aims to optimize physical fitness, prevent deconditioning, and support long-term well-being.

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